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A Non-Expert’s Guide to Early Retirement

Recently, I clicked on the internet to check my e-mail, but was immediately distracted.  I saw a headline on the MSN homepage with the title:   “Want to Retire in Your 40’s?  It’s not impossible”. I LOVE to see the financial independence/early retirement idea get publicity, planting the seed that this is a real possibility into the minds of […]

July Update

A Small Step Backward This month we saw a drop in our investment value. At the same time our rolling monthly spending average went up by nearly $80.  This took our investments from 17.97 times our expenses down to 17.54. Unfortunately, next month doesn’t look a whole lot better.  While we never try to predict the market, […]

Your Attitude is More Important Than Your Paycheck

After my recent interview on the Dough Roller Podcast, a listener named Jim left this comment: “I do not wish to diminish the success of your guest, because they have done what few are willing to do. Yet, anyone that makes $180k a year can well afford a high savings rate. Yes, they saved in […]

May Update!

New Way to Share Progress We updated our assets and expenses for the month.  We decided to start sharing the information on our FI progress through a post that will be done around the first of the month instead of tracking it on  a separate page.  That page was getting too long!  You can still […]

A Day in The Life of Extreme Frugality

We live in a world where most personal finance advice is to save 10-20% for retirement.  The average American saves about 5% of their take home pay.  Many people are drowning in debt. We have always maintained around a 50% savings rate, while never earning six-figure salaries.  To many, this is considered extreme frugality. In the past 2 […]

Can Anyone Retire Early?

This past week I had a conversation with some college kids I work with and another with my cousin’s son who is preparing to enter college.  In both cases, issues related to personal finance came up.  We normally try to keep our blog anonymous, but on both of these occasions, I decided to just say screw it […]

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