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Should You Manage Your Own Money?

There is a biblical verse, “No one can serve two masters.”  This analogy can be applied to your investments.  They can work for only one goal, to build your wealth.  When you add traditional money managers or financial advisors and their associated fees you simply lose too much of your return, unless you can saveRead More »

Early Retirement Resources: Giving Those Ahead of Me Their Due

When I told my wife my idea to begin blogging about our journey to financial independence and early retirement, she met me with a less than enthusiastic response.  ”Does the world really need another blog?”  I must admit that while a part of me was extremely excited to start this blog and see where itRead More »

Early Retirement With a Young Child

When we told people we were having a baby, everyone wanted to share their experiences and insights with us.  Talking about babies gets people genuinely excited and happy.  The one thing that we really struggled with was hearing “that baby will change everything”.  Our pre-baby life included frequent world travel and a life of seekingRead More »


“I’M QUITTING MY JOB TODAY.”  Wow, what a cool title for the first post of an early retirement blog that would be.  I could describe walking into my boss’ office, giving him a piece of my mind, maybe pushing some things off his desk and then storming out just like you see in the movies.  ManyRead More »