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Guest Post–Climbing A Different Route To Financial Independence Using Real Estate

Today I am very excited to bring you a guest post by Chad Carson who blogs and offers other resources at  I stumbled upon Chad through this BiggerPockets podcast episode.  His story started similar to most real estate investors I’ve heard as he was interested in learning to grow a business, acquire more rentals […]

September Update

Back At The Blog It’s been a while since our last post.  Since then, I’ve received several nice comments from regular readers as well as being contacted by some people who I didn’t know were readers asking if we had given up the blog.  We have not. Over the summer the blog was starting to […]

The Elephant Eater Investment Plan and Asset Allocation

When taking control of our own investments and financial planning, we found reading what other people were doing with their money invaluable to help develop our own plans.  We therefore are going to share the written plan that we developed to guide our investment processes to get us to financial independence and also outline when we would […]


In a recent post  I reviewed JL Collins’ “Stock Series” and wrote: “I will make the bold statement at this point to say that if my own parents had given me the advice that Jim gave his daughter and we had followed it, we would already have comfortably achieved financial independence and be retired by now.” […]

Can You Handle The Truth About Investing?

We have written extensively about the mistakes we have made with our investments and the bad advice we have received.  We have also been very critical of our former advisor and the financial industry.  This could then lead to fair questions from a critic of my statements, such as “Why did you use the advisor for nearly […]

Do You Invest In Fantasy Land?

We have a 2 year old daughter.  We live in a world of make believe.  We live surrounded by unicorns, friendly monsters, talking animals that play in a treehouse and of course magical princesses and singing, dancing snowmen. Watching the imagination of a 2 year old is incredible.  Playing make believe is more fun than I […]

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