Month: June 2014

“Dirtbag Millionaires”

Throughout our adult lives, we’ve floated back and forth weekly between two parallel universes. The “Dirtbags” We are very active in a number of outdoor activities.  Every weekend we would head out into our circle of friends involved in these activities.  Most people we know are weekend warriors like ourselves. However, there are a few […]

Why Should You Listen to Us Anyway?

I decided to start off our blog about early retirement with a post about NOT quitting my job.  I then told you how little we knew about investing and how we have never had a tax planning strategy.  You may be asking the question:  “Why should we listen to you anyway?” or “Do you even […]

What Is Your Biggest Expense This Year?

What is your biggest expense this year?  If you would have asked us this question at various points in our lives, our answers would have differed.  We would have guessed house payments, cars, travel or kid related expenses at different points.  We would have been wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.  The correct answer for us […]

What Do You Get for $7680 of Financial Advice Fees?

This is the third and final post in a series examining whether you should manage your own money or hire a financial advisor.  In the previous posts we explained why we decided to manage our own money and explained how we accumulated $7,680 in fees in a single year for our investments. In this post […]