Eat The Financial Elephant

How We Manage Financial Risks

I love to write about our outdoor experiences and share how they’ve shaped our philosophies on life and finance.  Our first post that went a bit viral and still seems to resonate most with our readers was “Dirtbag Millionaires”. Since then, some of the more popular posts have continued on that theme.  These include our guest post […]

April Upate

Plodding Along Assets went up 1.44% from last month due to a combination of continued contributions with some small market gains.  However, our spending was again up, pushing our average monthly spending up by about $170.  Factoring it all in, our assets were down from 15.0 to 14.6X our monthly expenses.  More on our spending below. […]

March Update

Trending Upward It was a very good month for net worth.  Our asset value went up over 7% due to a combination of a strong market rebound, continued regular contributions to our investment accounts and reinvestment of all quarterly dividends that hit our accounts in March.  However, our spending was up again, increasing our monthly […]

Should We Spoil Our Kids?

I am a long-time fan of the Radical Personal Finance Podcast hosted by Joshua Sheats.  I recommended it as one of the four best podcasts for those of us seeking financial independence in this post I wrote back in summer of 2014, just a few weeks after he started it.  I have since also been interviewed […]

February Update

Ugh! Our investment value actually went up a small amount this month.  However, spending was up substantially compared to last February.  This more than cancelled out our small gains.  Our assets now sit at only 14.3X our annual expenses. Our increased spending has been driven up by a combination of health related expenses.  Our grocery bill […]

Who Challenges You?

Are You Intimidated? Our side hustle is to teach a rock climbing class at a local university.  The wall is only a few years old and the university is small, so there are few people there who even have a moderate interest in climbing.  I’ve struggled in gaining much traction in building interest and developing […]

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