Eat The Financial Elephant

August Update

A Whole Lot of Nothing After a nice spike up last month, our investments as a multiple of annual spending dropped a bit from 16.0 to 15.4X over the past month. There is not much to report for the month. Investments were up .63%, driven mostly by our automated monthly contributions. Markets were pretty flat. […]

Why We Say No To Robo-Advisers

Last week,my dad brought the most recent issue of Consumer Reports with an article about investing to my attention (I’ve created a monster!). The article focuses on “The Rise of the Robo-Adviser”.  My dad wanted my opinion on whether a robo-adviser is better than what we are doing with Vanguard. As is their reputation, Consumer […]

July Update

Well That Looks Better After seeing our graph sputtering along for awhile, it is nice to see the big jump upward. Our assets as a multiple of our spending increased from 14.7X to 16.0X over the past month. This was a phenomenon of two things we have been writing about recently. On the spending side […]

Our Ultra-Safe Early Retirement Plan

In a recent post, we shared our ideas to develop a completely redundant second income stream after reaching financial independence.  In good times, this plan will allow us to live with an abundance mentality as we have throughout our working years.  Should bad times arise, we will have a plan in place and ample cushion […]

June Update

Not Much Doing Our graph is staying pretty steady with our assets increasing from 14.5 to 14.7X monthly expenses.  On the asset side investments were up 1.65% mostly due to continued monthly contributions and reinvestment of quarterly dividends.  We also saw small overall market gains by the end of the month, despite predictions that the […]

Pay Back And Pay Forward Time

One of the first posts I ever wrote for this blog was a thank you note to a few bloggers who were instrumental in getting us started on our path to FIRE.  They showed us the path we wanted to take for our lives was actually possible and gave us concrete ideas on how to […]

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