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Guest Post at “Can I Retire Yet?”//Using Your Home to Retire Earlier

About three years ago, in the third post ever published on this site, I thanked six bloggers who forever changed my life by shifting my mindset and providing financial education that set me on the path to financial independence and early retirement. Today, I am excited to share a guest post I wrote for one […]

Choose Healthy, Not Normal

I recently shared the story of Jared Casazza who, like me, is a physical therapist with an interest in financial independence. He writes the blog Fifth Wheel Physical Therapist. Jared and I have discussed the many parallels between poor physical health and poor financial health, both of which are unfortunately very common in our society. […]

From 6-Figure Debt To Financial Independence In Less Than 5 Years

Today I am bringing you a guest post courtesy of Jared Casazza, who writes the blog “Fifth Wheel Physical Therapist“. He is a just starting his career  as a PT while working to rapidly achieve financial independence. He recently reached out to me due to our shared career and interest in FIRE. We quickly hit […]

Guest Post-Climbing A Different Route To Financial Independence Using Real Estate

Today I am very excited to bring you a guest post by Chad Carson who blogs and offers other resources at  I stumbled upon Chad through this BiggerPockets podcast episode.  His story started similar to most real estate investors I’ve heard as he was interested in learning to grow a business, acquire more rentals […]

Financial Freedom Is More Than A Number

Recently, I asked the question “Have We Got It All Wrong?”  In that post, I examined the path that we are taking to financial independence.  I compared our situation to that of friends of ours who are a bit younger than us.  I offered only very surface level facts of their situation as necessary to tell our […]

Dirtbag Dreams // Reaching The Summit

Recently, we started noticing comments on the blog from a couple who blogs at Our Next Life.  They said that they related to our story and loved our concept of  “Dirtbag Millionaires”.  They are also blogging about their path to early retirement and are about 2 years away from the goal.  They also were originally inspired […]