Month: September 2014

We Saved $50,000 This Year With Less Effort Than We Spent Brushing Our Teeth

Everyone says that they would like to be rich.  People constantly talk about wanting more time to do the things they truly are passionate about.  Yet, most people take little or no action to actually achieve financial independence or figure out how to retire early.  Why is this?  I think that the biggest reason is […]

Want to Know How to Retire Early? Start Asking the Right Questions.

We first became truly serious about early retirement shortly after our daughter was born about 2 years ago.  Before this, the “grand plan” was to just save as much as possible to be able to transition to retirement, or working a minimal amount to make some money to support us without burning through our savings. […]

Investing Simplified-It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep

At this blog, we frequently discuss the  “Golden Rule” of personal finance.  SPEND LESS THAN YOU EARN.  INVEST THE DIFFERENCE WISELY.  GROW RICH. Anyone can understand that if you spend less than you earn, you have a surplus. If you spend more than you earn, you’ll have debt.  This part of the rule is simple, […]

Do You Realize What That Costs?

If you have read any financial advice books or blogs, you’ve definitely read some version of what I call the “Golden Rule” of personal finance.  SPEND LESS THAN YOU EARN, INVEST THE REST WISELY, BECOME WEALTHY.  I’ve written a post on the difference between rules and laws.  Many rules of conventional wisdom are mistakenly treated […]