Month: November 2015

Win Each Day

Describe Your Morning Recently, we’ve really come to like the Tim Ferris Show.  In his show he talks to people from all walks of life who are extremely successful in their respective fields.  A few of the episodes we found especially interesting were interviews with General Stan McChrystal, billionaire hedge-fund manager Chris Sacca, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In each episode Ferris has a […]

EE on the Road: Guest Post at

Earlier this week, we had a guest post by Chad Carson detailing his path to financial independence using real estate and entrepreneurship. Today I share our story of taking a different path to building wealth to achieve financial independence.  We followed the conventional wisdom:  go to college, get a good job, save and invest in the […]

Guest Post–Climbing A Different Route To Financial Independence Using Real Estate

Today I am very excited to bring you a guest post by Chad Carson who blogs and offers other resources at  I stumbled upon Chad through this BiggerPockets podcast episode.  His story started similar to most real estate investors I’ve heard as he was interested in learning to grow a business, acquire more rentals […]

October Update

  Back on Track It was a good month for our investments across almost all asset classes as our portfolio value jumped 4.8% in just the past month.  At the same time we had a very good month on the spending front, dropping our average monthly expenses by $90.  This took our assets from 15.3X […]