Month: October 2015

A Non-Expert’s Guide to Early Retirement

Recently, I clicked on the internet to check my e-mail, but was immediately distracted.  I saw a headline on the MSN homepage with the title:   “Want to Retire in Your 40’s?  It’s not impossible”. I LOVE to see the financial independence/early retirement idea get publicity, planting the seed that this is a real possibility into the minds of […]

Why Ask Why?

As parents of a three year-old, we can tell you that being a parent is the best thing that has ever happened to us.  However, anyone who tells you that being a parent is all butterflies and rainbows is quite frankly full of it.  There are several phases of your child’s life that simply suck. […]

September Update

Back At The Blog It’s been a while since our last post.  Since then, I’ve received several nice comments from regular readers as well as being contacted by some people who I didn’t know were readers asking if we had given up the blog.  We have not. Over the summer the blog was starting to […]