Month: June 2015

Less But Better

Mrs. EE and I are both doers.  We both worked essentially full-time while going to college full-time.  When we graduated, we each started our jobs before degrees were in hand.  We have continued this frantic pace for about 15 years of our working careers.  While working and advancing in our careers, Mrs. EE has picked up […]

Guest Post on Our Next Life: The Weight of Your Decisions

Recently, we became blog world friends with a couple that blogs about early retirement and their love for the outdoors at Our Next Life.  They share our vision of becoming “Dirtbag Millionaires”. Last Wednesday, they shared this guest post with us comparing the process of climbing a mountain to the process of planning and achieving financial independence allowing […]

Financial Freedom Is More Than A Number

Recently, I asked the question “Have We Got It All Wrong?”  In that post, I examined the path that we are taking to financial independence.  I compared our situation to that of friends of ours who are a bit younger than us.  I offered only very surface level facts of their situation as necessary to tell our […]

Dirtbag Dreams // Reaching The Summit

Recently, we started noticing comments on the blog from a couple who blogs at Our Next Life.  They said that they related to our story and loved our concept of  “Dirtbag Millionaires”.  They are also blogging about their path to early retirement and are about 2 years away from the goal.  They also were originally inspired […]

DIY Investing Resource #5: Sound Investing Podcast with Paul Merriman

When becoming DIY investors, I became a bit obsessed for the better part of a year with learning everything that I could about different investing theories, strategies and techniques.  The amount of information on investing is frankly overwhelming.  I decided to share the resources that most helped us to become comfortable and competent with managing our […]

Have We Got It All Wrong?

Before going any further, let me just address this week’s post title.  This blog is about personal finance, focusing on telling our story.  We are in our late 30’s.  We are debt free (including paid off house) and have built substantial savings that should allow us to retire in two years by age 40.  We have […]

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