Month: January 2015

How Do I Start Investing?

Since starting this blog, we have written about a lot of topics related to personal finance, wealth building and early retirement.  We have never had any formal education or training in these subjects, but we  have found almost all of these things to be very intuitive and easy.  Many of the things that we write […]

Can You Handle The Truth About Investing?

We have written extensively about the mistakes we have made with our investments and the bad advice we have received.  We have also been very critical of our former advisor and the financial industry.  This could then lead to fair questions from a critic of my statements, such as “Why did you use the advisor for nearly […]

Do You Invest In Fantasy Land?

We have a 2 year old daughter.  We live in a world of make believe.  We live surrounded by unicorns, friendly monsters, talking animals that play in a treehouse and of course magical princesses and singing, dancing snowmen. Watching the imagination of a 2 year old is incredible.  Playing make believe is more fun than I […]

Beware of the Leeches

Exactly one year ago as I write this post, we were finalizing the process of discontinuing our relationship with our financial advisor and beginning to manage our own investments. For readers who are considering taking similar actions with their own finances, I want to walk through some of the things that we’ve learned over the […]

Planning Our 21st Century Retirement

Wiki defines retirement as “the point where a person stops employment completely.”  The link explains that retirement is a relatively new idea in society, introduced in Germany in 1889.  Prior to this, lifespan for most was short and there was no social system to assist people if they stopped working.  People simply worked until they […]