Month: February 2016

Who Challenges You?

Are You Intimidated? Our side hustle is to teach a rock climbing class at a local university.  The wall is only a few years old and the university is small, so there are few people there who even have a moderate interest in climbing.  I’ve struggled in gaining much traction in building interest and developing […]

Elephant Eater Visits “Bare Budget Guy”

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a post written by Mark, aka the “Bare Budget Guy”, about why he tithes 10% of his income to his church and always had.  This concept was totally foreign to me, but his message resonated and I linked the article in one of my own. He e-mailed me to […]

Let’s Stop Choosing!

We’ve never been shy to share the many financial mistakes we’ve made.  Most have been related to investing and tax planning.  These topics were very confusing and so we threw our hands up in the air. Investing and Taxes Simplified The first person who really simplified investing for us was the blogger Jim (JL) Collins.  The […]

January Update

OK, Let’s Get This Over With Yeah, that graph is looking pretty pathetic.  Our average monthly spending is actually down slightly.  However, the .2% improvement in spending has been slightly overwhelmed on the chart by a 5.5% drop in our asset value. It could look even worse.  In addition to continuing our normal monthly investments, I […]