Guest Post at “Can I Retire Yet?”//Using Your Home to Retire Earlier

About three years ago, in the third post ever published on this site, I thanked six bloggers who forever changed my life by shifting my mindset and providing financial education that set me on the path to financial independence and early retirement.

Today, I am excited to share a guest post I wrote for one of those sites, Darrow Kirkpatrick’s “Can I Retire Yet?”.

In the post, “Designing Your Home Ownership to Retire Earlier”, I break down the decision behind our new house purchase. I show how we used this one decision to very conservatively decrease our retirement savings needs by six figures, and potentially closer to a half-million dollars, while simultaneously improving our quality of life.

After reading the post, I would encourage everyone to explore Darrow’s writing at “Can I Retire Yet”, and I also highly recommend checking out his recently released book. You can read my full detailed review of his book here.

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4 comments on Guest Post at “Can I Retire Yet?”//Using Your Home to Retire Earlier

  1. I read this on Darrow’s site. A very thought provoking approach to home ownership as it relates to retirement. I appreciated your reasoning. Good luck in Utah. It is a beautiful place.

    1. Thank you. Agree it is beautiful and diverse place with the mountains and Great Salt Lake in our back yard to the red rock deserts down south. Very excited to live there.

  2. Nice article - we may have to rent out your rooms for a week sometime 🙂 I agree with a lot of your comments about home ownership - the last few years, I have begun to think about it as a liability. Mostly because of additional costs of maintenance that has come with our latest house. But, I never liked the instability of renting.

    1. That would be great to have you all out for a ski trip!

      Agree that renting has a lot of appeal for flexibility, but we value the certainty of locking in our housing costs by living in a paid off home, versus being subject to rising rents, potential to be forced out of a place, etc. that goes with renting. I think this is more of an emotional decision than a math one as either can work financially if done correctly.

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