Month: August 2014

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

There are only 2 sets of laws that govern early retirement, and for that matter, life in general.  There are many other rules that people just make up.  The laws are absolute.  The rules are made to be broken. The first set of laws are the laws of the land where you live.  I can’t […]

Earn a Masters Degree in Financial Independence While Driving to Work

A theme on this blog is eliminating waste from our lives.  Nowhere in our life is there a bigger waste of time than that spent in our cars.  The average American wastes almost one hour just on their round-trip work commute every day.  I recently heard of Zig Ziglar’s concept of  “automobile university”.  The concept […]

Enjoy the Journey

Since starting the this blog on May 1, I have published a post every Thursday morning.  When I started, I committed to do this for at least one year.  This would motivate me and hold me accountable to learn as much as possible about personal finance and retirement planning.  It would also allow me an […]

Jumbo Shrimp, Bitter-Sweet and Good Debt

If you have somehow come across this blog about early retirement planning and achieving financial independence, you probably have already figured out the basics of how destructive debt can be to your wealth building process.  Despite this, almost everyone I know, and even much of the other personal finance advice I see, advocates the idea […]