Month: December 2015

A Christmas Reminder

The other night we watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with our young daughter. It was the first time we had sat down and watched it ourselves since we were kids. I wanted to share the Linus monolouge explaining the true meaning of Christmas for those of you who like us hadn’t seen this for years. […]

Fail Upward

Ed Viesturs is widely regarded as the greatest American alpine climber ever.  He has a famous saying:  “Getting to the top is optional.  Getting down is mandatory.” A mountaineer as accomplished as Viesturs has been turned back many times on many mountains.  Sometimes weather or avalanche conditions don’t cooperate.  Other times a team member gets […]

November Update

Slow and Steady The chart is trending up for a second consecutive month.  The markets were a mixed bag with domestic equities up a bit while bonds and international funds fell.  We continue to plow in large contributions pushing our asset values up a respectable 1.36% for the month.  Overall our assets as a multiple of […]