Month: October 2014

Check Out the Assets on Her!

OK, confession time.  When I was young, single and looking for the future Mrs. Elephant Eater and I was checking out the ladies’ “assets”, their 401(K) balances, savings accounts and investment real estate portfolios were the last things on my mind.  Hey, I’m a guy!  I would suggest that if you are looking for a […]

The Return on Investment of College: Ideas for Paying Less and Getting More

Last week, we shared our experiences of how we obtained 3 college degrees each without debt.  Increasing your education is vital to increasing your earning power to allow you to retire early.  However, if you don’t look at the return on investment of your education, it is very easy to bury yourself in a hole […]

College: A Step Toward Financial Freedom or A Life of Debt?

When thinking about starting out on the right foot financially, college is an issue that has me very torn.  On one hand, I look back at my college years as one of the best times of my life.  I also appreciate the value associated with Mrs. EE and I having each earned three college degrees.  […]

Starting on the Right Foot

When reading about early retirement and financial independence, a common theme is “extreme frugality”.  This post about early retirement planning from Financial Mentor (the blog we have found most beneficial in our own retirement planning) uses these exact words.  When I think of extreme frugality I think of sacrifice, extreme couponing, refusing to go out for dinner […]