Month: November 2014

Taking The Next Steps

The path to building wealth, allowing for financial independence, early retirement or any other life goals you may have, is a ridiculously simple concept. Spend less than you earn.  Invest the rest wisely.  Become wealthy. However, most people find it incredibly difficult to implement this formula into their lives and actually build wealth.  Over the past few weeks, […]

Does Size Matter?

Last week’s post demonstrated the trend of nearly doubling the average American house size in just one generation and  the forces at play that make this seem reasonable.  We discussed the huge savings we have had by simply bucking this trend and instead buying less house than we have been told we could afford.  We promised […]

Avoiding the Money Pit

Over the past few posts, we’ve been writing about what we feel are the biggest decisions people are faced with that will allow them to get started on the right foot financially and be able to develop a high savings rate.  This is at the core of almost everything else we talk about here when […]

EATTHEFINANCIALELEPHANT.COM featured on the Radical Personal Finance Podcast!

My interview with Joshua Sheats has now gone live on the Radical Personal Finance Podcast, Episode 97.  You can listen to the episode at his site through the provided link or download the episode through iTunes or any other method you use to get your podcasts. If you are a regular reader of the blog, […]

Are You Driving Yourself to the Poor House?

Throughout the American lifespan cars are something more to people than the sum of their parts of metal, plastic and rubber.  A love of cars is instilled in many of us before we even have any idea why we would want to drive.  As the saying goes, “It’s as American as CHEVROLET, baseball and apple […]