Favorite Links

financialmentor.com  –Outstanding resource for anyone from beginning investors to early retirees.

mrmoneymustache.com  –Financial/lifestyle blog about early retirement and frugality.  One of my favorites, always entertaining.

madfientist.com/  –Early retirement blog featuring tax and investing strategies uniquely applicable to the early retiree.

jlcollinsnh.com/stock-series/  –Must read for anyone who wants to gain an improved understanding in stock market investing.

caniretireyet.com  –More conservative planning strategies for the early retiree.

earlyretirementextreme.com  –Groundbreaking blog featuring strategies and techniques for utilizing extreme frugality to achieve financial independence in minimal time.

rockstarfinance.com  –Collection of 2-3 best articles from bloggers around the web, updated daily.  Always something new and interesting to read.



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  1. Thanks for adding me to the list! Glad you’re enjoying the site – it’s been fun coming across tons of new (and awesome) bloggers since starting Rockstar 🙂

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