Favorite Links

financialmentor.com  -Outstanding resource for anyone from beginning investors to early retirees.

mrmoneymustache.com  -Financial/lifestyle blog about early retirement and frugality.  One of my favorites, always entertaining.

madfientist.com/  -Early retirement blog featuring tax and investing strategies uniquely applicable to the early retiree.

jlcollinsnh.com/stock-series/  -Must read for anyone who wants to gain an improved understanding in stock market investing.

caniretireyet.com  -More conservative planning strategies for the early retiree.

earlyretirementextreme.com  -Groundbreaking blog featuring strategies and techniques for utilizing extreme frugality to achieve financial independence in minimal time.

rockstarfinance.com  -Collection of 2-3 best articles from bloggers around the web, updated daily.  Always something new and interesting to read.



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  1. Thanks for adding me to the list! Glad you’re enjoying the site - it’s been fun coming across tons of new (and awesome) bloggers since starting Rockstar 🙂

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