Month: July 2014

Early Retirement? That Sounds Risky!

Ability to assess risk can be the difference between living life to its fullest or being paralyzed by fear.  Most people assess risk based on their own personal fears.  They tend to look at risk as black and white.  One option is the safe option and one is the risky option.  Society has a big […]

Where Did All My Money Go?

In one of my recent posts I went a little Quintin Tarantino on you. I wrote about using the rule of 25 to figure out roughly how much money you need in your investment portfolio to be financially independent.  You simply multiply your annual spending by 25 to calculate your financial independence number.  However, this is giving […]

Why Does Something So Bad Feel So Good?

We have several friends who have been following the Dave Ramsey approach to get out of debt. Ramsey is one of the biggest names in personal finance. Dave’s basic message is one of personal responsibility, getting out of debt as quickly as possible and avoiding all future debt. All of this sounds great around here. […]

Why Early Retirement?

Since launching this early retirement and financial independence blog, we’ve asked a number of friends and family to take a look and give feedback. We were hoping for criticism of the writing style, web design and layout, etc. so that we could improve before getting much site traffic. The feedback we’ve gotten is actually a […]

The Three Numbers You Need to Know for DIY Retirement Planning

Last week we discussed the attitude that is required to learn to live below your means without feeling that you are sacrificing.  Now let’s apply some numbers to this concept. I’m visualizing your eyes starting to glaze over as we start to discuss math.  This is really simple yet important.  Hang in there with me.  You […]