Month: May 2015

Our Financial Independence Day

We recently were contacted by the blogger Even Steven Money.  He keeps a list of early retirement bloggers and tracks progress toward their financial independence day.  We love his idea and think it is a great resource for people looking for other perspectives on achieving financial independence and retiring early.  We were happy to be […]

Your Attitude is More Important Than Your Paycheck

After my recent interview on the Dough Roller Podcast, a listener named Jim left this comment: “I do not wish to diminish the success of your guest, because they have done what few are willing to do. Yet, anyone that makes $180k a year can well afford a high savings rate. Yes, they saved in […]

Is a 4% Withdrawal Rate Too Much or Too Little for Early Retirement?

We are planning to take the plunge into early retirement within the next  two years.  Before doing so, we are devouring as much information as possible on the subject.  We are trying to assure that our early retirement is what we are envisioning.  The last thing we want to do is trade in the drudgery of 40 hour […]

The Elephant Eater Investment Plan and Asset Allocation

When taking control of our own investments and financial planning, we found reading what other people were doing with their money invaluable to help develop our own plans.  We therefore are going to share the written plan that we developed to guide our investment processes to get us to financial independence and also outline when we would […]

May Update!

New Way to Share Progress We updated our assets and expenses for the month.  We decided to start sharing the information on our FI progress through a post that will be done around the first of the month instead of tracking it on  a separate page.  That page was getting too long!  You can still […]