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How We Increased Our Net Worth by $8,750 This Year Without Earning More or Spending Less

Today we will outline the simple change we made to our financial plan that will increase our savings by $8,750 this year.  It requires no increase in earnings or decrease in spending.  The exact dollar amount for you could be less, or even more, depending on your marital status and tax rate.*  One of the […]

Taking The Next Steps

The path to building wealth, allowing for financial independence, early retirement or any other life goals you may have, is a ridiculously simple concept. Spend less than you earn.  Invest the rest wisely.  Become wealthy. However, most people find it incredibly difficult to implement this formula into their lives and actually build wealth.  Over the past few weeks, […]

Investing Simplified-It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep

At this blog, we frequently discuss the  “Golden Rule” of personal finance.  SPEND LESS THAN YOU EARN.  INVEST THE DIFFERENCE WISELY.  GROW RICH. Anyone can understand that if you spend less than you earn, you have a surplus. If you spend more than you earn, you’ll have debt.  This part of the rule is simple, […]

Do You Realize What That Costs?

If you have read any financial advice books or blogs, you’ve definitely read some version of what I call the “Golden Rule” of personal finance.  SPEND LESS THAN YOU EARN, INVEST THE REST WISELY, BECOME WEALTHY.  I’ve written a post on the difference between rules and laws.  Many rules of conventional wisdom are mistakenly treated […]

What Is Your Biggest Expense This Year?

What is your biggest expense this year?  If you would have asked us this question at various points in our lives, our answers would have differed.  We would have guessed house payments, cars, travel or kid related expenses at different points.  We would have been wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong.  The correct answer for us […]

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