Guest Post on Our Next Life: The Weight of Your Decisions


Recently, we became blog world friends with a couple that blogs about early retirement and their love for the outdoors at Our Next Life.  They share our vision of becoming “Dirtbag Millionaires”.

Last Wednesday, they shared this guest post with us comparing the process of climbing a mountain to the process of planning and achieving financial independence allowing them to retire early.

This week it is our turn to guest on their site.  We wrote a post about how we were drawn into our outdoor pursuits by a love of backpacking.  We examine the physical act of loading a pack with all of the things that you need/want and feeling the weight as you carry it on your back.  We found that physical strain made us really consider what is worth carrying.  It is a concept that we have carried over into our everyday lives and found quite useful.

Click over to their site to read the full post using this link.  While you’re there, take a look around and explore their site which features consistently thought provoking and inspiring posts, like this recent favorite.  Enjoy.

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2 comments on Guest Post on Our Next Life: The Weight of Your Decisions

  1. That was a nice post - I think it all just comes down to using our heads and making a decision not simply based on emotion, but what is truly in our best interest. After all, life is a series of trade offs, and we ultimately carry what we have implicitly prioritized over something else.

    It sure is nice carrying a light pack. 🙂

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