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Do You Realize What That Costs?

If you have read any financial advice books or blogs, you’ve definitely read some version of what I call the “Golden Rule” of personal finance.  SPEND LESS THAN YOU EARN, INVEST THE REST WISELY, BECOME WEALTHY.  I’ve written a post on the difference between rules and laws.  Many rules of conventional wisdom are mistakenly treated […]

Earn a Masters Degree in Financial Independence While Driving to Work

A theme on this blog is eliminating waste from our lives.  Nowhere in our life is there a bigger waste of time than that spent in our cars.  The average American wastes almost one hour just on their round-trip work commute every day.  I recently heard of Zig Ziglar’s concept of  “automobile university”.  The concept […]

Jumbo Shrimp, Bitter-Sweet and Good Debt

If you have somehow come across this blog about early retirement planning and achieving financial independence, you probably have already figured out the basics of how destructive debt can be to your wealth building process.  Despite this, almost everyone I know, and even much of the other personal finance advice I see, advocates the idea […]

Where Did All My Money Go?

In one of my recent posts I went a little Quintin Tarantino on you. I wrote about using the rule of 25 to figure out roughly how much money you need in your investment portfolio to be financially independent.  You simply multiply your annual spending by 25 to calculate your financial independence number.  However, this is giving […]

The Three Numbers You Need to Know for DIY Retirement Planning

Last week we discussed the attitude that is required to learn to live below your means without feeling that you are sacrificing.  Now let’s apply some numbers to this concept. I’m visualizing your eyes starting to glaze over as we start to discuss math.  This is really simple yet important.  Hang in there with me.  You […]

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