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I Wrote a Book!

In theory, retiring early should free up a lot of time to work on your early retirement blog. Well, it’s been 477 days since I last posted here. Sorry, I’ve been busy.   Today I would like to share one of the things that has kept me so busy over the first year and a […]

Our Plan for Health Insurance in Early Retirement

Wow, it’s getting real. I have less than 30 days of full time work left before entering the next phase of our early retirement plan! The general sentiment in our house is one of excitement. However, I would be lying if I said that there were also not moments of fear and doubt. One item […]

Three Key Actions That Enabled My Early Retirement

Today I had a post published at, “How I Achieved FI At Age 40”. I shared three key actions that allowed me to recently quit my job to pursue the next phase in my life. I encourage you all to give it a read. You will not find typical early retirement advice like save […]

Who Challenges You?

Are You Intimidated? Our side hustle is to teach a rock climbing class at a local university.  The wall is only a few years old and the university is small, so there are few people there who even have a moderate interest in climbing.  I’ve struggled in gaining much traction in building interest and developing […]

Elephant Eater Visits “Bare Budget Guy”

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a post written by Mark, aka the “Bare Budget Guy”, about why he tithes 10% of his income to his church and always had.  This concept was totally foreign to me, but his message resonated and I linked the article in one of my own. He e-mailed me to […]

Win Each Day

Describe Your Morning Recently, we’ve really come to like the Tim Ferris Show.  In his show he talks to people from all walks of life who are extremely successful in their respective fields.  A few of the episodes we found especially interesting were interviews with General Stan McChrystal, billionaire hedge-fund manager Chris Sacca, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In each episode Ferris has a […]

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