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Guest Post-Climbing A Different Route To Financial Independence Using Real Estate

Today I am very excited to bring you a guest post by Chad Carson who blogs and offers other resources at  I stumbled upon Chad through this BiggerPockets podcast episode.  His story started similar to most real estate investors I’ve heard as he was interested in learning to grow a business, acquire more rentals […]

A Non-Expert’s Guide to Early Retirement

Recently, I clicked on the internet to check my e-mail, but was immediately distracted.  I saw a headline on the MSN homepage with the title:   “Want to Retire in Your 40’s?  It’s not impossible”. I LOVE to see the financial independence/early retirement idea get publicity, planting the seed that this is a real possibility into the minds of […]

September Update

Back At The Blog It’s been a while since our last post.  Since then, I’ve received several nice comments from regular readers as well as being contacted by some people who I didn’t know were readers asking if we had given up the blog.  We have not. Over the summer the blog was starting to […]

July Update

A Small Step Backward This month we saw a drop in our investment value. At the same time our rolling monthly spending average went up by nearly $80.  This took our investments from 17.97 times our expenses down to 17.54. Unfortunately, next month doesn’t look a whole lot better.  While we never try to predict the market, […]

DIY Investing Resource #5: Sound Investing Podcast with Paul Merriman

When becoming DIY investors, I became a bit obsessed for the better part of a year with learning everything that I could about different investing theories, strategies and techniques.  The amount of information on investing is frankly overwhelming.  I decided to share the resources that most helped us to become comfortable and competent with managing our […]

Is a 4% Withdrawal Rate Too Much or Too Little for Early Retirement?

We are planning to take the plunge into early retirement within the next  two years.  Before doing so, we are devouring as much information as possible on the subject.  We are trying to assure that our early retirement is what we are envisioning.  The last thing we want to do is trade in the drudgery of 40 hour […]

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