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DIY Investing Resource #3: The Intelligent Asset Allocator

We have previously featured JLCollin’s “Stock Series” and John Bogle’s “Little Book of Common Sense Investing” to introduce the concepts of low-cost, passive index investing.  Our third resource to help DIY investors get started is William Bernstein’s The Intelligent Asset Allocator: How to Build Your Portfolio to Maximize Returns and Minimize Risk.     Bernstein is a […]

Can Anyone Retire Early?

This past week I had a conversation with some college kids I work with and another with my cousin’s son who is preparing to enter college.  In both cases, issues related to personal finance came up.  We normally try to keep our blog anonymous, but on both of these occasions, I decided to just say screw it […]

DIY Investing: How Simple is Too Simple?

Recently, I have presented two resources for DIY investors, Jim Collins “Stock Series” and John Bogle’s “The Little Book of Common Sense Investing.”  Together they will allow you to build foundational knowledge of passive index investing.  Let’s review the basic concepts.  Both authors state that investing should be simple.  AGREED!  Both say that you should focus on […]


In a recent post  I reviewed JL Collins’ “Stock Series” and wrote: “I will make the bold statement at this point to say that if my own parents had given me the advice that Jim gave his daughter and we had followed it, we would already have comfortably achieved financial independence and be retired by now.” […]

DIY Investing: Laying the Foundation

Anyone who builds anything knows that you must build it upon a strong foundation for it to withstand the tests of time.  This is hardly a new and revolutionary concept.  Here is a very short biblical passage that addresses this: Matthew 7:24-27  New International Version (NIV) The Wise and Foolish Builders “Therefore everyone who hears […]

How Do I Start Investing?

Since starting this blog, we have written about a lot of topics related to personal finance, wealth building and early retirement.  We have never had any formal education or training in these subjects, but we  have found almost all of these things to be very intuitive and easy.  Many of the things that we write […]

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